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Animals of Capo Testa & the Valle Della Luna, Sardegna.


From day-flying Moths, to rarely observed Lizards, roving mammals,a  multitude of bizarre flying insects, frogs,  snakes, skinks, mantids, earwigs, spiders, falcons, owls, butterflies, goats, endemic shield bugs, wild tortoises. grasshoppers & dragonflies, plus many more...

A portal to view the unique wildlife of Capo Testa & the Valle Della Luna, Bugs, Beasts, Beautiful flying/pollinating Insects, rare reptiles, scarcely seen Mammals, plus squawking Birds. Just click on the image panes below to delve down deeper into the world of your chosen animal group.  

Currently (2020), all Reptile & Amphibian species have been identified and specified with observations on the Reptiles & Amphibians page. Work has started on the terrestrial Invertebrates section after basic surveys & research over the past 3 years, presently under primary production are Demaptera, Araneae, Hymenoptera & Hemiptera. Pages detailing about Mammals & Birds are shortly to follow.


A few of examples of field investigations being undertaken during 2020. A full list of projects is available on the Projects pages. Many of them specific to certain species & habitats are being conducted during the same years, in parallel to gain a better understanding of food-chains and ecosystem interactions. Updates as completed after transfer from field-data are posted on the front entry & menu pages of the website.

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